Business cas Budget with Voies Navigables de France VNF
An Inland waterways Manager


VNF signed a performance contract with the French government where it is obliged to create an asset register. Their first attempt to conduct an inventory of their assets lasted 5years. They were looking for a solution to automate the collection of asset inventories such as river signs, lights, banks, traffic lights, etc…


For VNF:

  • Asset Survey done jointly during the bathymetry survey
  • Empower their CMMS & GIS
  • Citymagine’s platform met VNF’s needs & organizational set-up (different sectors, third-party access, employee hierarchies)

For the French Government:

  • Increase of performance river network
  • Quick budget estimation for river renovation

Step 1: The creation of a master data set and sectors

Step 2: Training, Survey and AI processing

Step 3: Export, Decisional Maintenance and Sharing with third parties