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Before being a start-up, Citymagine was the meeting of a visionary technophile and a business converter. After founding Giroptic and inventing the world's first 360° camera in 2008, José Costa joined forces with Matthieu Levivier, former co-manager of Immoprêt and co-founder of Mobile Angelo, to create the first automated infrastructure management platform. Today, Citymagine has already received 5 awards for its project and has exported French engineering to other countries.

A mission

Safer roads,
smarter cities

Thanks to our teams of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence engineers and with the help of our partners (Helios, ESA, Here) in data acquisition, we are creating today the world of tomorrow.

  • A sustainable, digital and socially responsible approach
  • Thanks to our partners, with our feet on the ground and our heads in the stars
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