The preventive maintenance tool


Automated diagnosis

Accurate qualitative and quantitative inventory through image analysis. Inspect your infrastructure with ease.

Quality control and compliance

A simple and attractive customer interface that immediately highlights the points of attention for preventive management.

Budget optimisation

Plan your work on the basis of reliable and complete information and finance only what is necessary!

Risk evaluation

A solution that thinks about the user by allowing you to assess the risks according to four user profiles.

A single platform for all your infrastructure

to facilitate collaboration and safety for decision-makers, construction companies, cartographers and users.

Facilitating the management of your assets

Our method

Inventory, analyze, optimize, secure

Asset inventory

Inventory of horizontal and vertical signage, inventory of street furniture and riverbanks using multi-source imagery.

Consult the data

Availability of data on the secure Web portal.
Geolocation of the equipment on your roadside wire.

Exploiting the data

Anonymized and checked by our technical expert, the data is sorted by quality index, streets, product typologies and description.

Optimise budgets

The integration of your pricing grids will allow you to establish the budget to allocate to your maintenance campaign and to realize immediate savings.

Our mission


Make the roads/cities Smart, Safer & Sustainable

Our vision


Why wait for tomorrow when the technology is already available? Citymagine's experts are committed to facilitating the collaboration of road and mobility parties involved through a sustainable, digital and citizen-oriented platform.

1,200,000+ KM ANALYSED

With you, Citymagine is building today tomorrow’s world

Since 2016, Citymagine has been simplifying the maintenance of roads, cities and canals thanks to its platform that enables 2.0
infrastructure management. At its side, partners and parties committed to the safety of all.

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