Business Cas Performance with the Helios Group and the Rhône Departement


The Rhône Departement wanted to simplify road marking maintenance and increase performance. They created a 4-year performance contract to improve road markings on 4000km of state road. Thanks to Citymagine’s technology, the Helios Groupe won, proposing to increase the average quality of road markings from 60% to 80%


For Helios Group:

  • Road marking quality evaluation
  • Improve road works decisions
  • Budget optimization
  • Interconnexion with their CMMS

For the Rhône Departement:

  • Asset portfolio (road signs, road markings, road roughness)
  • Performance contract supervision
  • Empower their GIS

Step 1: Survey and Road Work Decisions

Step 2: CMMS Integration

Step 3: Road Works reporting and update