Business Cas Risk / Compliance with
Vinci Autoroutes & Ascode


Vinci Autoroutes ordered a compliance audit from Ascode, a consulting firm. The French government requested an inventory + compliance audit for 2300km of Highways—the results: 18 000 road signs surveyed, processed & analyzed by consultants within 60 days.


For Ascode

  • Time-saving
  • Employee safety
  • Budget optimization

For Vinci Autoroutes

  • Assets portfolio (road sign, road marking, road roughness)
  • Audit supervision
  • Empower the GIS

For the French Government:

  • Quality of their Highway network
  • Safety for drivers
  • Timely data delivery

Step 1: Survey and Processing

Step 2 : Expert analysis of dangerous curves

Step 3: Data exports for reporting & GIS integration